Spider-Man: Return to the Spider-Verse Episode 6: The Ghost

Spidey and Ghost-Spider return to Gwen's home to fix her dimension watch. But everything changes when Ghost-Spider's past starts to haunt her!

Voice Talent

Eileen Nestman as Ghost-Spider

As always, Eileen Nestman lent her voice to Ghost-Spider. But unlike every other episode, this one revolved around her character. I told her she needed to bring it. And she brought it. I actually felt tears well up when she was mourning the death of Peter. I felt the rage from her primal screams as an enraged Gwen attacked Doppelgänger. Her monologues left me with chills!

I've known Eileen since we were 12, and I'm so glad we've remained friends. I find it hard to imagine anyone else doing the job with Ghost-Spider that Eileen has done, and she is a valued member of the Face Front team. Please make sure to check her out on YouTube or Instagram @eileen.wuthrich!

Laura Henson as Mary Jane

Gwen's friend and leader of the Mary Janes, Em Jay (it's spelled like that in the comics, back off) was essential to have in this episode. The problem I had is that, as we know, Eileen is in Idaho, and the conversations between Gwen and Em Jay had to feel authentic and natural. So I needed someone located where she is. Luckily, Eileen recruited Laura, and she was more than happy to oblige! With her help, I got the Gwen and Em Jay interactions I was looking for!

Emily Tatsumi as Peni Parker

In Episode 1: Amazing Friends, Peni had a line of dialogue. I used Google translate and recorded the voice. I did what I could, and it was passable, but I knew that if Peni was going to continue to be a part of the team, especially with her upcoming episode, I'd need a better solution. Enter Emily Tatsumi.

Emily is a friend that not only speaks fluent Japanese, but also did voice acting as a child! I'm honored that she accepted my request to bring Peni Parker to life. Make sure to check Emily out on Instagram @emi_tsumi!

Props and Sets

And as if Eileen doesn't do enough for Face Front, she very recently had the idea to build sets for the show! This includes Peter B.'s comfy new couch, and the tech lab at Midtown High! I love how intricate and detailed they are. And Eileen including a green screen in the lab makes it so that I can add more dynamic screens, and I will defiantly be using this technique in future videos. Look for everything she sent me in an upcoming TikTok video. I'm on TikTok now. In case you didn't know, @facefrontblog.

Easter Eggs

Let's Start at the Beginning

The intro to the video is word for word what Gwen says in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse when she introduces herself to Peter and Miles. I just put my own images on it, including this comic cover!

Amazing Fantasy

And speaking of the intro, does the picture of Gwen saving Captain Stacy look familiar? Look at it. Look at it real close.


Yes, I included a scene where OG is having trouble fixing a door. I think this one goes without much explaining.

Private Donor

Many Marvel fans know Cindy Moon as the web-slinging superhero Silk! But on Gwen's world, Earth-65, she's much more sinister. She never got spider powers, but almost did. Envious at what she was potentially missing, she founded a secret organization, S.I.L.K., and spent years researching how to give herself powers. There was a whole story involving Gwen, 616 Silk, and Jessica Drew that ultimately ended with Gwen losing her powers! So it's safe to assume that, in this video, the research Cindy requested that Gwen forgot, has to do with her ultimate goal: Becoming a spider-powered menace!

Corn Dogs

To cheer up her best friend, Gwen suggests that the two get corn dogs. Peter notes that she has a weird thing for them, which comes directly from the comics. For whatever reason Gwen simply LOVES corn dogs!

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Bodega Bandit

Ghost-Spider's arch-nemesis is the Bodega Bandit! He constantly robs the Dollar Dog of their corn dog collection with his pet hamster Pine Cone! Ghost-Spider is no match for the persistent Bodega Bandit!

bodega bandit | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

The Mary Janes

The Mary Janes is the band Gwen drums for named after their leader Em Jay (again, it's spelled like that in the comics, back off). The "Betty and Glory" that Gwen mentions are the Earth-65 versions of Betty Brant and Glory Grant, who are also members of the band. The song that Gwen and Em Jay are singing, Face it Tiger, is actually a song they sang in the comics that Marvel made real! More about that in the soundtrack portion.

You Can't Trick Me Anymore

As we saw in Spider-Man: Far From Home, when Peter confronts Mysterio on the Tower Bridge, he finally regains his Peter Tingle (though Spectacular has since convinced him to call it "Spider-Sense") and fights through Beck's illusions, stating that he can't trick him anymore. I kept Peter's immunity to Beck's tricks for this fight, to make it more dynamic, basically taking place in the real world from Peter's point of view, and Mysterio's world from Gwen's.


An evil, mindless duplicate of Spider-Man infused with supernatural energy by the Demogoblin. Aka, a really scary version of Spider-Man that would fit in Mysterio's backwards nightmare world. Honestly, I'm glad I found a way to integrate this rather unique character into my video!

What's Up With Madripoor?

Gwen states that she learned to speak Japanese by spending some time in Madripoor. Marvel fans know that the iconic location has recently appeared in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is why Peter notes that Sam told him about it. But in the Spider-Gwen comics (not Ghost-Spider, I know what I'm talking about) Gwen spent a significant amount of time there fighting ninjas. And Wolverine. Is it that far fetched to assume that she picked up some Japanese while she was there?

Goblin Gas

Did you know that the Green Goblin once invented a gas that suppressed Spider-Man's Spider-Sense? Well, he did. It was not fun for Peter. And if you stayed for the post-credits scene, which you definitely should have, then you'll know that he's done just that at the end of this video. Needless to say, it probably won't be fun for Peter. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

The Soundtrack

For this video, I chose to use more vocal songs than I usually do, but that's because the Marvel Rising cartoon, which Gwen was quite heavily associated with, had such a great selection! Also To the End and Face it Tiger were must-haves! More info below!

To the End- Elliphant

This epic song played in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse during Gwen's intro. And since I mimicked it word-for-word here in my video, it only made sense to include the actual song that played! Points for authenticity!

Roaring Thunder- Navia Robinson

I played this when Gwen and Peter were hanging out together because it's about the strength of friends when they stick together, as powerful as roaring thunder. This made it perfect for the scene where Gwen promises Peter they'll be friends forever. A great selection from Marvel Rising!

Face it Tiger- The Mary Janes

As I mentioned earlier, in an incredible feat of cross promotional prowess, Marvel actually created the song that had only been printed on paper. Being that this is the only Mary Janes hit in the real world, it was a no-brainer to include it as the song Gwen and Em Jay were singing for band practice.

Team- Tova

I put this song here because Gwen and Peter are finally on the same page and can now work even better as a team! Another Marvel Rising hit!

Watch Me Rise- Photronique, Shari Short

This episode was always going to end with this song. It was used in Marvel Rising, but has such a perfect message about rising above adversity. Seeing Gwen sitting on the roof, as opposed to earlier where Ghost-Spider had to climb up to it, was meant to represent how much she's grown now that she has accepted her friends as her strength. And this song was perfect.

That's it for now True Believers! This episode is basically 30 minutes long! Wow! And to think I initially intended this to be a series of short 10-minute-long videos lol! The more of these I make, the more I improve, and the better stories I can bring to you guys. Once again, I do this for you. Thank you so much for all of your support.

The next episode is one I'm sure many people have been waiting for, OG is stepping into the spotlight to battle Doc Ock! Now I know No Way Home is literally days away, but just know that I'm gonna stick to my intended story, no matter how the movie shakes out. I might use a quote or two if I think they're cool though. I'm looking forward to it, but first, let me know what you guys think of this one! Sound off below, until then, Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!