Spider-Man: Web-Warriors Episode 1: Kaine/Scarlet Spider

With the Master Planner only getting stronger, it's time for the Amazing Spider-Friends to expand the team! Starting the new Web-Warriors Initiative, Spidey seeks out the first candidate from the Spider-Verse to add their ranks: Kaine, aka the Scarlet Spider!

Of course, as with all of my videos, I've shoved a Spiders-Nest full of Easter Eggs in here! Even though it's significantly shorter! That just means have to less time to make as many references and callbacks as possible! I will never not overdo it with Easter Eggs! So without further delay, here's some fun facts you may have missed!

The Jackal

Professor Miles Warren taught Peter and Gwen Stacy in college, but moonlighted as a fuzzy Yoda in a speedo called the Jackal and spent his spare time making clones of Peter (including Kaine and Ben Reilly) and Gwen, whom he had an unhealthy obsession with. Talk about your creeps, he was twice he age!

Special Suit

Though they don't have a Marvel Legend figure of this version of Kaine, thus why it wasn't in the video, I still wanted to reference the terrifying black suit that Kaine wore for the first half of his life. As mentioned, it kept him from degenerating, and it also made him, like, ten times more menacing.

Mark of Kaine

Kaine's face is... not pretty. So, he made sure that when he left his victims in the early days of his career, they had a face to match. I mean, pretty rude, but Kaine isn't known for his politeness.


The Inheritors are a race of energy vampires that feed off of the essences of basically anyone in the Spider-Verse, or Spider-Totems. This puts every Spider-Man, woman, and pig at risk! The Inheritors were the reason for the initial Spider-Verse storyline in 2014, though the one of them featured in this video, Morlun, has been around in comics much longer than that. He mentions in the video that he will 'never truly die' because it was discovered, by Kaine and some friends, actually, that when an Inheritor dies, they are replaced with a clone, all memories intact, and thus they live again!

The Other

The Other is a Spider-Totem that has inhabited both Peter Parker and Kaine. It bestows great power amongst the inhabitant, including the ability to transform into a ferocious spider creature. Kaine used this ability to kill Solus, the leader of the Inheritors! A totem this powerful is of course a very enticing snack to Inheritors!

All of the Power, None of the Responsibility

This was literally the tagline for the 2012 Scarlet Spider run. It said that on top of all of the comics. Which explains why Kaine is an unruly menace willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done! Unlike Ben Reilly, Kaine doesn't really feel the need to be beholden to the teachings of Uncle Ben. I guess being the reject clone does that to a guy...

That's all for this first installment of Spider-Man: Web-Warriors! I'm really happy that I have this new spinoff series of shorts, because now I can shine a light on other interesting characters from the Spider-Verse that don't play into the main storyline. Are there any personal favorite Web-Warriors you'd like to see? Let me know below and I'll see what I can do! Until the next episode, Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!