Spider-Man Trilogy Collection

With Spider-Man: No Way Home finally coming to Blu-Ray (even though I was a sucker and bought it on digital first) I have now finally completed my "Homecoming Trilogy" Blu-Ray collection! I'm so happy about it, in fact, that I'm going to share the editions of each movie I have with you True Believers! Let's get started!

Spider-Man Homecoming

This version of Homecoming was a Target exclusive. It's a really cool cover that folds out into a display that looks like the inside of Peter's notebook. It's got drawings of the spider symbol, Winter Soldier's arm, the web fluid formula, you name it!

This version also came with an exclusive comic book! It's about Peter trying to get partnered up in class with a girl named Amy (it's not Liz for some reason) but then cop cars zoom by, so Peter bails to stop Shocker!

He and Droney take Shocker down, but Peter gets detention for skipping class. Poor Peter. I love my copy of Homecoming, it just feels special with all of the amazing little details they included in the box art.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

This version of Far From Home was a Walmart exclusive that came with what they call a 'Throwbaction Action Figure'. They also did one of these for the first Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (both of which I own, of course!)

The only thing that upset me about this is that I couldn't see the card when I bought it, and it turns out it was bent! Anyone following me for even a short amount of time knows that I pretty much open all of my figures, but for the select few I want to keep boxed up, it's really annoying when something happens to the packaging.

But other than that slight misfortune, I am really happy with my little collectible Night Monkey figure. Best version of Far From Home on the shelves (at the time).

Spider-Man: No Way Home

I had several, difficult options for this one (the first two movies were kind of no-brainers with literally no competition) but I settled on the version with the Walmart exclusive cover art. Underneath the slip case is the standard cover, which I'm actually fine with because I dig that cover as well.

So no foldout, no retro action figure, but still, I'm just glad to have the movie in my physical collection at long last. The exclusive art is also such a powerful image, and I really wanted that in my collection. I wish the 4K would have used the Green Goblin version of that poser, being that he was the more prominent villain, but otherwise, no complaints.

So, which version of No Way Home did you get? Which versions of the first two do you have? Let me know in the comments below. Maybe show it off on Face of the Fan! That's all for now, until next time, Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!