Spider-Man: Web Warriors Episode 4: Spidey and his Amazing Friends

Gwen has tracked down some new recruits for the Web-Warriors, and they look exactly like her, Peter and Miles! Will Spidey and his Amazing Friends lend their experience as a team to the fight against the Master Planner? Find out now!

This episode of Web-Warriors is special for several reasons. For one, I didn't write it! It was written, actually, by long-time friend of Face Front and voice of Ghost-Spider Eileen Nestman! Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you the story!

Eileen is my best friend (since the 6th grade!) That's why she does voice work and set building for me, but she lives all the way in Idaho! A while ago, I sent her son Lewis the little Spidey and his Amazing Friends toys for Christmas. And one night, the idea for this episode just... came to her! She wrote it down and sent it to me, just for fun, but I figured it would be a great Web-Warriors episode.

I had planned on doing one with these little guys, but the problem was that I haven't seen all the episodes of the show, whereas Eileen (and Lewis) have. So when she came down to Arizona to visit, I bought the Web-Quarters playset and we got to work! Below you'll find an EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes video of just what that looks like. I also have the usual Easter Eggs section, but I had Eileen write it this time since, again, she knows the show better.

So enjoy the bonus content True Believers, and please Click Here to check out Eileen's YouTube channel! She does so much for Face Front, so let's show her some love by watching her vids and subscribing to her channel!

EXCLUSIVE Behind the Scenes Video

Easter Eggs

Written by Eileen Nestman


In Spidey and His Amazing Friends, web quarters folds out of the ground and stands obviously above the houses in the neighborhood, yet no one knows about it in universe.

Lesson Learned

Each Episode of Spidey and his Amazing Friends has a cute little moral to go with it.

They're just... Kids!?

The Web trio seems to be elementary age in this version.


All bad guys in Spidey and his Amazing Friends are referred to as baddies in this show, not just bad guys.

Crimes of the Past

Doc Ock stealing Christmas presents, Rhino cheating at carnival games, and Green Goblin wreaking havoc in Central Park all happened in the show, and were mentioned in this episode.

Captain Stacy??

Gwen's mom in this universe takes the place of the role her dad usually fills but as a detective instead of police captain.

Miles' Parents

In one episode the trio go camping with Mile's dad who is a park ranger in Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and Mile's mom is usually seen wearing scrubs.

Webs Out!

This version of the trio has anime style transformations when they "change" into their suits.


In this show Miles goes by spin in universe reason is because of tracy and the computer needing different profile names, but IRL we all know it's so that the little kiddies don't get confused.

That's it for this fun episode of Web-Warriors! Hope to see the little guys again sometime soon! What did you guys think? Let me know below, make sure to check out Eileen's YouTube Channel, and as always, Face Front True Believers, I'll see you in the Multiverse!