Spider-Man: Web-Warriors Episode 3: The 90’s Spider-Man

The 90's Spider-Man swings into Web-Warriors! Relive his classic adventures, and discover whether or not he'll be enough to help defeat the Master Planner!

The 90's Spider-Man animated series is my favorite Spider-Man show. So I was more than excited to bring him into the Web-Warriors. The show ran for 4 seasons, so there was a lot of content to pick from when choosing the story to tell and references to make. So here's a breakdown of everything from the video.

The Theme Song

All of Spider-Man's theme songs are instant classics. This one is no different. Everyone recognizes the Spider blood! Spider blood! Radioactive spider blood! I had no choice but to put it in this episode, by cleverly disgusting it as Miles' latest banger!


The 90's Spider-Man mentions that he teamed up with Daredevil to beat Kingpin and clear his name. This is because Richard Fisk framed Peter for espionage, and Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, had to help him out of the situation, as both his lawyer and partner in crime-fighting!


The 90's series featured Spider-Man teaming up with many Marvel heroes, including the vampire hunter Blade. When Morbius began terrorizing New York, the Daywalker stepped in to handle matters himself. While they were at odds at first, Spider-Man and Blade ended up working together to stop Blade's mother, the Vampire Queen.

The Original Spider-Verse

This was our first glimpse at the Spider-Verse! Peter teamed up with several Spidey's from alternate dimensions, including the Tony Stark-like Spider-Armor Spider-Man, Ben Reilly, a Spider-Man that had kept Doc Ock's tentacles, the six-armed Spider-Man, and an actor from the real world, that introduced him to Stan Lee!

The Secret Wars

This show adapted the popular Secret Wars comic, but since this is Spidey's show, they centered the whole thing around him as the leader. He went against the Beyonder with several of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, including the Fantastic 4, Captain America, Iron Man, and Storm!

Worst Enemy

Pay attention to Spidey's words. He asks who is the most relentless, unforgiving opponent the 90's Spider-Man has ever faced. You may remember that those are the exact words he used after he finally won his fight against Venom. Also, if that image of Venom holding an unmasked Spider-Man in a web net looks familiar, that's because I lifted it right from the episode!

The Green Goblin

Peter's fight with Green Goblin in this show was in lieu of the infamous Gwen Stacy death, since the show wasn't allowed to do that. Mary Jane instead fell through a portal created by the Time Dilation Accelerator. As a matter of fact, whenever anyone "died" in that show, they usually fell through a portal.


Remember that aforementioned OG Spider-Verse? Well, Madame Web assembled them, put Spider-Man through the Secret Wars, and trained him that whole time to prepare him for that one fight. Because Spider-Man's clone, driven insane and bonded with the Carnage Symbiote, nearly destroyed the entire Multiverse!


Max Dillion never made it into the animated series. Instead Electro was Red Skull's doomsday weapon, a being that could manipulate energy, given form by his son. Yeah, sometimes the 90's got real out there.


The Spider-Sense in the 90's series is one of the most distinct and instantly recognizable versions of Spidey's sixth sense for danger. So I definitely wanted to include it somehow, and I couldn't do it in the fight because Venom is invisible to it! So I just had it go off before Madame Web took him. Good compromise I think!

Finding Mary Jane

As I mentioned earlier, Mary Jane was lost to the cosmos. She seemingly came back for a while, but that turned out to be a clone created with Hydro Man's genetics by Miles Warren, who eventually, well, evaporated. But at the very end of the show, Madame Web and Spider-Man set off through the Multiverse find the real Mary Jane. Unfortunately, the show got cancelled, and we never figured out if they found her. Until now that is!

That's it for this one True Believers. I'm happy that I finally got to do a video featuring the 90's Spider-Man. It was so fun bringing to life all of the many great memories I have of that show. And like any of the other Web-Warriors, this is definitely not the last you've seen of him! Until then, Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!