Spider-Man: Web-Warriors Episode 8: Ultimate Spider-Man (Part 2)

Spider-Man from Earth-1610 has arrived and he is NOT happy! Now two heroes must battle to determine who is the one true Ultimate Spider-Man!

So there you have it True Believers! It looks like there can be more than one Ultimate Spider-Man! In fact, there's 3! Miles is still out there, somewhere. Though longtime, eagle-eyed Face Front viewers may already know where he is...

But that aside, let's talk about the Easter Eggs I packed into this one!

Easter Eggs

Box Art

First let's look at the thumbnail of the video. That's right, if you recognized it, it's an homage to the box art of the 2005 Ultimate Spider-Man video game!

Return to Sender

When Spidey throws the Spider-Buggy back at the 1610 Spider-Man, he shouts "Hey buddy, I think you lost this!" That's exactly what Spidey shouted to Winter Soldier in Captain America: Civil War before chucking a sign back at him that Bucky had thrown earlier.


In the Ultimate Comics, as well as the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, the Symbiote has been shown to be weakened by electricity, in addition to sound. That's why the animated Ultimate Spidey knew his S.H.I.E.L.D.-issued taser webs would work!

Animated Venom

Notice how animated Ultimate Spidey kept calling the Symbiote "Venom". That's because in his world, Doc Ock created it and named it Venom. In the Ultimate Universe, however, the Symbiote is simply known as "The Suit" (more on that below).

Human Torch Races

During Ultimate Spidey's backstory, I have a picture of him racing against the Human Torch from the Fantastic 4. If you've played the game, you're sure to remember those races well.

Comic Panel Storytelling

Also during Ultimate Spidey's exposition scenes, you may have noticed I used a comic book aesthetic to how the scenes played out. This was done to mimic the way the video game did cutscenes, by flashing comic panels across the screen.

The Oz Serum

Ultimate Spider-Man mentions the Oz Serum that gave him his powers, and also created the Green Goblin. That's the name of the serum used to create the spider that bit Peter in the Ultimate Comics.

The Suit

In the Ultimate Comics, the Symbiote is "The Suit". It was created by Richard Parker and Eddie Brock Sr. It was intended to be a cure for all diseases and ailments to the human body, including cancer. It was left as what Eddie called his and Peter's "inheritance". At risk of losing it forever, Peter tried to preserve it but accidentally wound up wearing it. Having been created using Richard's DNA, it fit Peter like a glove, but the hunger of the suit nearly made him lose control.

After attempting to destroy it, Eddie put it on, and became the Ultimate version of Venom. He had no control over it, and went on a hunger-fueled rampage before confronting Peter at Midtown and ultimately being stopped.

Spider-Man vs. Miles Morales

When Peter came back, he was at odds with Miles for a bit. While he wasn't dead set on destroying him, he was a bit put off by Miles swinging around, especially with his Web Shooters that his father designed. Ultimately, however, he determined that Miles was good, and gave him his blessing.

Ultimate Ressurection

In the comics, Ultimate Spider-Man inexplicably returned to life. No, seriously, Brian Michael Bendis gave no reasoning for his return before jumping ship to DC. So I took matters into my own hands! as mentioned in the video, the first time Peter disposed of the Symbiote, it was at the foot of his father's (as well as mother's and Uncle Ben's) grave.

Since the Suit was designed to heal and keyed to Richard Parker, I had it detect his remains and crawl underground to latch on to him and try to do what it was created for. However, it's kind of hard to resurrect a skeleton. So when Peter died, though I don't remember if it's explicitly stated in the comics, I'd like to think he was buried next to his family.

So the Suit, still holding onto Richard Parker's remains, detected that Peter was down there with them. So it slithered over to him and brought him back to life. And that, True Believers, is how the Ultimate Spider-Man came back to life!

Comic Homages

I made several homages to the Ultimate Spider-Man comic. From covers of landmark issues to a near panel for panel recreation of the final battle against the Green Goblin, below is a gallery of all of the comic art that inspired me in this episode. Have fun scrolling back through the video and finding each one!

That's a wrap True Believers! How'd you like the first ever Web-Warriors 2-parter? This video was a challenge, with the comic panel storytelling, but it was also so much fun to do both versions of Ultimate Spider-Man! That's what I love about the Face Front Universe, the crossovers you never imagined come to life! I can't wait for the next Web-Warriors, which will be Zombie Hunter Spider-Man from What If...? Until then, Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!