Loki: Realm of the Dishonored Dead

Accused of a crime he didn't commit, Loki must gather all of his wits and allies to escape the Realm of the Dishonored Dead, and its merciless Queen.

This Loki video has been years in the making, True Believers. Since 2020, the post credits scene in Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six has teased Loki, and now it's here! Yes, I've had it planned that long, and actually, not much has changed. So let's get into the long awaited Loki video, shall we?

Voice Talent

First off, as always, I want to thank my incredible cast. Kyle Rice returned from his debut in Glorious Purpose to lend his voice to Loki once more. Kyle brings just the right amount of Norse to keep it authentic, and Hiddleston to keep it Marvel. I honestly think I struck gold, with Kyle's range, making Loki so expressive. I'm glad to have him as my leading man.

Then we have Allyson Phillips, aka Loki's #1 fan! I refused to do the video without giving her a role, and she made Sylvie her own. Seriously, the scene where she enchants Ares? My goodness, Allyson brought it this time around, coming off of her small roll in Glorious Purpose. Her love for all things Loki clearly shines through in her performance. Make sure to find AllyCharms on all the platforms listed in this Linktree.

Of course, let's not forget Face Front veteran Eileen Nestman, known for her role as Ghost-Spider in the Spider-Verse vids. This time she brought Hela to life with just the amount of terror and gravitas I wanted from her performance. And Eileen, being the trooper she is, pulled double duty this time as the honorable Lady Sif. Eileen's contributions to Face Front are immeasurable, so please show her some love by checking her out on YouTube!

And I'd like to give my sister Jaelen an honorable mention for lending her voice to the tough-as-nails Valkyrie!

Easter Eggs

There were quite a few references sprinkled about in this video. Did you catch them all?

The Death of Phil Coulson

No one can forget the most shocking moment in the first Avengers movie, when Loki slew Agent Phil Coulson. So imagine Loki's surprise when the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent interrogating him is none other than the Son of Coul himself! That's because, and I'll say it loud for the people in the back, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. IS CANNON!!! And I will die on that hill. Therefore, #CoulsonLives!

The Casket of Ancient Winters

While defending himself of Thor and Coulson's accusations, Loki mentions that he would rather trifle with the Tesseract, or the Casket of Ancient Winters. I'm sure everyone remembers the Tesseract, but don't forget about the Casket, which Loki used in the first movie. The relic contains the power of the eternal winter, and if left unchecked, could freeze an entire realm!

Cast You Out

If Thor banishing Loki to Niflheim felt familiar, it's because it's meant to mirror the scene from the first movie where Odin casts Thor out to learn a lesson on Earth. Like father, like son.

The Fenrir Wolf

From Norse legends themselves, Hela's dog is none other than the fearsome Fenrir Wolf. He was last seen in the MCU being defeated by Hulk, but in the Face Front Universe, Thor undid the events of Ragnarok. So Fenris now resides with his master Hela in the Realm of the Dishonored Dead.

Fall of the Valkyrie

When Loki frees Valkyrie, she mentions that she barely escaped with her life after Hela slayed her sisters in their first encounter. Remember in Thor: Ragnarok, when Val and an army of her sisters faced Hela, but they were all slain, Val being the only survivor.


The Marvel Universe has more than just Norse gods, it has Olympian ones too! There are of course the most notable among them, like Zeus and Hercules. But there is also Ares, the God of War, who loves nothing more than a battle. Especially if he wins.

Lady Loki

Being a shapeshifter, Loki has taken many forms over the years. Whether he's himself, a kid, or even a lady. Sylvie changes him into Lady Loki for a brief cameo to pay homage to just one of Loki's many forms!

Amora the Enchantress

As I mentioned earlier, I've had this video planned for years. So long, in fact, that Sylvie didn't even exist yet! In the original script, Sylvie's role was filled by Amora, the most famous comic version of the Enchantress. But when Sylvie came along, I simply swapped their places. However, to pay homage to what once was, I had Sylvie transform into Amora to aid in her enchantment of Ares.


Frostgrinder is a knockoff Bifrost Bridge that is meant to mimic its ability to transport a user across realms. This one's actually a deep cut, it comes from the Thor movie tie-in video game, and was constructed by Ulik the Troll so that he could invade Asgard!


What was that word Loki said when he returned to Asgard? It was Yggdrasil, the World Tree. This is the tree that connects all of the Nine Realms. It's pretty important, for attacking Yggdrasil would mean attacking all Nine Realms at once!


The Hulk? A villain? It can't be! Unfortunately, True Believers, is is! In the comics, a future version of the Hulk has turned full villain, destroying nearly all of Earth's mightiest heroes and renaming himself Maestro. And with Thor's hammer at his feet and Surtur by his side, this won't be an easy fight for Loki!

And that's it for this one True Believers! I'm so excited for you to see what's next! Did you see King Loki in that post credits scene? And he's told Talos they need to call none other than Captain Marvel herself! I tell you Marvelites, stay tuned because there's only more merry Marvel mayhem to come!

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Well, that's it for me. Thank you for watching. Share it with all your friends if you liked it! Your support is the one thing that keeps this channel, and me, going, so thank you guys. Seriously, you're the best. Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!