Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six

We've finally located Spider-Man! After the events of the Infinity Showdown, Spider-Man finds himself in a world without Avengers! Even worse, some of his greatest enemies have returned from defeat, and formed a new alliance to take him down: The Sinister Six.

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The music in Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six plays a big part, and most of it was chosen intentionally to match the scene playing at the time.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)- Michael Giacchino

It's Perfect- This is the song that played in the movie whenever Peter and MJ were having a moment, so of course I played it over the Peter and MJ moment in my video!

And Now This- This song played in the movie when Mysterio revealed Spidey's identity in the post credits scene, so of course I played it over my recreation of that scene.

Multiple Realities- When Peter is snapped into the alternate dimension by Falcon, I play Multiple Realities because Peter does in fact find himself in one of them. This played in the film when Mysterio was explaining the Multiverse.

The Magical Mysterio Tour- This was played in the flick during Mysterio's mind-trippy battle sequence, so it's only right that I use for mine!

Taking the Gullible Express/ Spidey Sensitive- I played this one when Peter was surrounded, trapped, and about to be defeated, when there seemed to be no hope of him making it out. In the movie, it was when Spidey lost to Mysterio and got hit by a train, so the theme of Spider-Man defeated carried through this decision.

Marvel's Spider-Man (Original Video Game Soundtrack)- John Paesano

The Sinister Six- The opening scene replaying the defeats of each member of the Sinister Six. As this scene is introducing them all, I chose this piece from the game where they introduce the Sinister Six.

Negative View- This may have been during a Mr. Negative fight scene in the game, but as a high-octane, fast-paced battle song, it worked perfectly for Spider-Man's battle with the Sinister Six! One could argue that getting ambushed by six bad guys could give you a negative point of view!

Spider-Man- This instant John Paesano classic theme to the PS4 Spider-Man was the only choice to play when that particular Spidey entered the scene!

Venom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)- Ludwig Goransson

Symbiotes Arrive- This one was in my video when the Sinister Six had Spidey down and were about to finish him off. Then, Venom, the Symbiote, arrived! I mean, duh.

Eyes, Lungs, Pancreas- I ran this song when Venom remembered what had happened to the Spider-Man 3 version of himself. In the movie this was when Venom first fully showed up; so when he revealed himself to be hostile, I took it as the real Venom, a Spidey villain, first truly showing up.

Venom (Eminem)- This is technically a single, but still in the Venom movie. I played it when Venom took down the Sinister Six. Because honestly, who doesn't love this sick beat from Shady! I did play the clean version, though... there might be kids watching!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)- Hans Zimmer

I'm Spider-Man- In the movie, this song introduced Spider-Man into the movie. After a bleak plane crash in the opening, this uplifting beat inspired hope, and let you know it was all going to be okay. So when The Amazing Spider-Man arrives to save Peter, I was hoping to capture that same feeling.

Spider-Man (Original Motion Picture Score)- Danny Elfman

Main Title- This heroic score from whenever Spider-Man entered the scene in the Raimi trilogy was the only choice to introduce Tobey's version of the hero.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired By the Movie)- Post Malone and Swae Lee

Sunflower- Sharp fans will notice that the video ended with the voices of the five heroes from Into the Spider-Verse: Miles, Gwen, Sp//dr, Spider-Ham, and Noir. So naturally, I cut in just a little bit of the top song from that album!

Spectacular Spider-Man Theme- The Tender Box

Yes, I played the Spectacular Spider-Man theme song when Spectacular Spider-Man showed up. No surprise there!

Below is the script for Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six. You'll see I didn't follow it verbatim, but this is ultimately the outline I used to tell the story.


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