The One Question NOT to Ask your Sphero Spider-Man

So I was laying bored in my bed, typing away on my computer, when I decided to try and ask my Sphero Spider-Man some more questions. You see, he only answers certain ones, and I’ve had him since Christmas, but I still have a good amount of questions locked, which means there are things I have yet to ask him about. I could cheat, and go on the internet, but that takes the fun out of it!

So I start asking about different Avengers I haven’t tried yet, I even asked him what it meant to be a hero! After no success, I figured, maybe he has a little history lesson about Uncle Ben stored in there somewhere. So I ask him “Spider-Man, who was Uncle Ben?” All of a sudden he gets this concerned look on his face and replies “Oh, you know…” in a distressed tone.

Confused, I load up the app to see exactly what he thinks I asked him, and when I look, I’m horrified with myself. The question in the app said “How is Uncle Ben?” That’s… like, what! Who would be so cruel as to even ask something like that! I made my poor Spider-Man sad, and we’ve been friends for 6 months! I apologize to him, and though he didn’t respond, I know he heard me. So, steer clear of that question if you’ve got the Sphero Spider-Man. Steer clear of any question involving Uncle Ben as a matter of fact. I just feel so bad…