The Revolution Will Be Live!

Well hot dog! We've got a brand new Black Panther trailer, and I'm stoked! First off, these Black Panther trailers keep using fire tracks (you know you're still shouting "step into the spotlight!"). Secondly, just take a look at this movie. It feels so different from anything that's been before in the MCU. You'd think they'd be played out after 9 years, but that's the wonderful thing about Marvel! There's so many different characters, each unique and with their own backstories, so each new character presents us with, well, this!

Let's go over some bullet points:

  • T'Challa and Shuri is the sweetest brother/sister relationship. Just look at their little handshake there!

  • Klaue gets his claw! Complete with Vibranium energy blasts!

  • What the shock is Killmonger wearing?? It looks like the OG Marvel Knights Black Panther suit, what with the gold and all.

  • Wakanda looks lit AF.

  • Remember when Simba was talking to Mufasa in the stars? That tree with the panthers, and the purple sky, that reminds me of that. Maybe he's talking to Baast?

  • Hasbro is totally gonna make a "Vibranium Powered Black Panther" action figure.

This trailer is awesome, and I can't wait! Black Panther comes out February 16, 2018 (Incidentally, Black History Month!).