The City Needs Spider-Man

Paris has never really done anything for me personally… until now! The PlayStation Paris Game Week Media Showcase has unleashed a new Spider-Man PS4 trailer! Thank you Paris!

In this trailer, we get a good look at that work/life balance with Peter and Spider-Man that Insomniac’s been talking about so much. He’s taking MJ out to dinner, recruiting Miles to help Aunt May at F.E.A.S.T., getting evicted, all that fun Parker Luck stuff! And as per Parker Luck usual, just when Peter thinks he can have a life outside of Spider-Man, Mr. Negative turns up the heat!

Honestly, I think Mr. Negative is gonna be, like, 1/5 of this game, but that’s the only villain they’re showing us for now, so it only seems like he’s a game-wide threat. Yes, we’ve seen Kingpin, but we know he gets busted in the beginning (and from the looks of Willie, it seems like it was a rough fight!). We also caught the most fleeting of glimpses at the Shocker, who’s always fun to throw down with in a Spidey game. But back to what I was saying, Insomniac says that this game has a massive story, so it’s hard to believe that Mr. Negative and his Inner Demons are going to be a threat the entire way through.

We also get a lot of Mary Jane in this trailer, which is refreshing for me. For those of you who follow the blog, you know I’m a big Spider-Man/Mary Jane fan. Since One More Day they’ve been separated in the comics, then The Amazing Spider-Man franchise made Gwen a hot commodity, Zendaya may or may not be her in the movies, and even in the new Marvel’s Spider-Man cartoon we keep getting references and teases, but no MJ! I really like seeing her, not only as Peter’s emotional support, but it looks like she’s doing field work too! She’s looking into the Devil’s Breath (Mr. Negative’s drug), saving hostages, teaming up with Spider-Man. I swear, that POV at the 1:19 minute mark makes it look like you even get to play as MJ! That should be fun.

Alright, lastly I’m gonna break down some geek-out moments:

  • Martin Li stating that F.E.A.S.T. is the “best part of me”. You know, because he has two sides, you know?

  • Osborn for Mayor! Yeah, because that always ends well…

  • Kingpin’s dressed in black, not white. So either he they’re favoring the look from Marvel’s Daredevil, or… did he get hit by Mr. Negative!?!? It’s probably the former, but still.

  • Peter’s Spider Sense effect, heart eye emoji!

  • We saw Yuri Watanabe on Peter’s com link in the 9 minute demo, but now we see her in person! Is Wraith far behind?

  • Oscorp merchendise in Grand Central terminal. What’s that about?

  • Crusher Hogan vs. The Spider poster in Peter’s apartment, nice!

  • Speaking of Peter’s apartment, October 15, 2018 is circled on his calendar. Release date confirmed!? Maybe!

Well, that’s all I’ve got! I can’t wait for this game! How about you guys? Comment below! Spider-Man PS4 drops 2018 (maybe October 15)!