Thor Ragnarok Trailer #SDCC

I honestly cannot get enough of this trailer! I have to break it down in bullet points, there's no other way, so here we go:

  • Hulk v.s Thor! The fight on the Helicarrier in The Avengers was merely a taste of what it looks like we're getting here!

  • Good to see 'ol Bruce Banner back! It's kind of great to watch a man of science flying a spaceship and simply having a blast. Also, even Banner knows Thor beating Hulk is kind of BS! One question though, did Banner pack clothes before he went to Sakaar, or...

  • Hulk Smash! Is it me, or does he look more like Ultimate Hulk? A bit of a longer neck, a haircut, those bead necklaces, totally screams Ultimate Hulk. And hey, he's literate! Considering that Hulk spoke more words in this trialer than in the entire MCU, which up to this point has consisted of: "Leave me alone", "Betty", "Hulk Smash", and "Puny God".

  • Skurge the Executioner, it looks like they're skipping the ax and going straight for the guns (which is disappointing because I wanted to see Hulk relieve him of his ax Earth's Mightiest Heroes style). Although he's following Hela around like he would Amora the Enchantress, but this movie has enough characters in it, adding her might have been a bit much. I guess Skurge just has a thing for chicks in green.

  • Hela herself looks great. I like that she forms her headdress kind of like Loki in The Avengers. She seems really frightening, reveling in death, chasing after Thor and Loki in the Bifrost, conjuring swords from midair, taking on the Valkyrie! I mean, dang girl.

  • Speaking of the Valkyrie, is was kind of underwhelmed by Brunhilde's look in the first trailer, but when I got a glimpse of her riding that winged horse, her blue cape blowing in the wind, I got chills, so it's good to see that she actually armors up and doesn't stick with that Sakaar look the entire time. But seriously, that army of Valkyrie v.s Hela, I can't wait!

  • Dang Loki. I hate Loki. But he's back, and Thor is trusting him... again. To quote the guy: "Will you ever not fall that?"

  • Was that the Fenrir Wolf! Fighting Hulk!!!

  • Why is poor Hogun facing off against Hela alone! I mean, he's got an army of Einherjar behind him, but clearly that doesn't work out too well. Where's Fandral? Volstagg? Did Hela already get to them!

  • Heimdall finally off the dang bridge and in on the action!

  • Thor bringing the lighting without the hammer? Ooohhhh buddy! That was the money shot right there!

  • Who's the big fiery guy? Oh well, must not be important. NOT! Freaking Surtur! Fighting the Hulk!!! Yes! I am so ready for this movie!!!

Thor Ragnarok comes out November 3!