Top 10 Moments in Luke Cage Season 2

So Luke Cage Season 2 finally dropped this past Friday, and I’m about to break down my personal top 10 favorite moments from this season of the show. Up front, be aware that this list contains SPOILERS for Luke Cage Season 2. So if you haven’t seen it yet or aren’t done binging, DO NOT read this!!!

10: Bushmaster Beat-down

Luke is invincible, and can’t really be hurt. So when Bushmaster delivers a beatdown, that put me way off guard. Dang, was it hard to watch Bushmaster TKO him like that!

9: Luke Cage Field Day

Most of the time the Netflix MCU shows can be, well, pretty depressing. The tone is generally darker, so you appreciate the moments of levity you get. This little scene of Luke demonstrating his powers was a nice, fun moment, and a chance for our hero to stop brooding for a minute and enjoy having super powers.

8: The Bridge

The reason I like this fight is because it proves that Luke is better than Bushmaster. He got caught off guard the first time, and this fight was payback! The fight itself was amazing, and the fight choreography has way improved over the first season. I really got into it, I was really rooting for Luke. Too bad Bushmaster cheated.

7: Battle at Rand

This was a great episode all in all. I liked Luke, Misty, Reverend Lucas, Tilda, and Mariah all stuck together and forced to hide; the way each character played off of each other was perfect. But when Bushmaster showed up, and the boxing started, that was just what I needed. Luke taking on Bushmaster, learning from all of his previous fights, Misty holding the fort upstairs. And Luke finally put Bushmaster down! It was great.

6: Hunt for Piranha

This is where we first really got to see Misty’s new arm in action! When she and Luke are hunting down Piranha, and they have to drop some fools, I couldn’t stop smiling. Luke protecting Misty with his bulletproof-ness, Misty laying the smack down on some sucka’s, truly great stuff.

5: Shades goes Soft

Like a dang Otis Spunkmeyer cookie! Shades went soft as a freaking marshmallow. I never liked that Shades was always able to kill people, get away with it, and go about his day. But after he watched that guy burn to death, and had to put two in his, uh, ‘partner’, Shades didn’t even have the gusto to put down an unarmed witness to his latest crime. In fact, he flipped on Mariah! Which was a wonderful moment for me, because the fact that she, and he, kept slipping through the cop’s fingers on luck and circumstance was getting on my last dang nerve.

4: Daughters of the Dragon

Colleen and Misty. With one arm mind you. Teaming up and kicking butt. Nothing more to it, it was awesome.

3: Luke/Bushmaster Team-Up

I was fully expecting Bushmaster to get lit up like a Sweet Christmas tree when he went to take on the Chinese drug lord alone. But when Luke came in for an assist, not only was I pleasantly surprised, but the ensuing fight scene was glorious. It was here that I also realized Bushmaster isn’t really a villain. Like, seriously, his methods left something to be desired, but Bushmaster was trying to take down Mariah the entire time. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

2: Luke, Misty (and even Shades) v. Bushmaster

The fight in Harlem’s Paradise was the best of the series. A Nightshade-jacked Bushmaster on a mad dash for Mariah, and the only things standing in his way were Luke, Misty, and Shades. Let the fight commence! It was like Juggernaut mode in Halo. It was close quarters, intense, and epic! Easily the finale moment, the fact that there was a full episode after that baffles me.

1: Patty Cake

Power Man and Iron Fist. That really does belong on a shirt. No one can deny that the single best moment in the show was that sweet combo move between Luke and Danny. Slamming the full power of the Iron Fist against Luke Cage’s indestructible hands and clearing the room of any and all hostiles! We wanted Heroes for Hire, and this was all we could have asked for and more!


So those were my top moments, what were yours? Comment down below and let me know!