Upgrade Your Marvel Legends First Avenger Captain America!

Hasbro has only ever made one version of the Marvel Legends line Captain America from the First Avenger movie, and 13 years later he's really outdated. It's time to fix that!

Simply use:

  • Head from Marvel Legends Endgame Quantum Suit Captain America (masked)
  • Shield from any other MCU Marvel Legends Captain America (Age of Ultron or Civil War preferred)
  • Head from Marvel Legends Peggy and Steve 2-Pack (unmasked)

Check out the images below, and see how much of an improvement the modifications make!

I honestly think this is such a huge and necessary upgrade to a really old figure. I'm definitely happier displaying him in my collection now. Try it out if you've got the figures, I promise you won't regret it! Face Front True Believers, I'll see you in the Multiverse!

Well? Is the new First Avenger Captain America better than the old one?