Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman SAVED Uncle Ben!

Julia “Cornwall” Carpenter saved Uncle Ben in Madame Web. How do I know? Well, walk with me True Believer, and let's find out together.

There is a scene in the end of the film where Madame Web see's Julia's Spider-Woman stopping a criminal who appears to be in the middle of breaking and entering.

First off, from the moment I saw the movie in theaters I clocked this guy as Uncle Ben’s killer. Why? Because he’s wearing the same getup usually seen on who is canonically called “The Burglar”. The brown jacket over a yellow shirt, green pants, and some form of cap. It varies, depending on the comic or iteration, but this is the base design.

Second, we can see in this shot (from the Blu-Ray extras, a scene not in the actual movie) Adam Scott’s Ben Parker coming home with groceries. Now remember, unlike in the Tobey and Andrew movies, in the comics Uncle Ben was killed in a home invasion. The layout of the house is not the same as earlier in the film, but that's because he was staying in Mary Parker’s house while Richard was out of town, so it’s safe to say this is Ben’s house.

The important thing to note about this scene is that it takes place in the future. Ben is wearing glasses that he didn’t have in the film, and probably now needs because he’s older. And you’ll notice a flat screen TV, when earlier in the film we were looking at an old 4:3 television set. So definitely an indication that some time has passed.

But is this the house that Spider-Woman is in, stopping the Burglar? Well, yes. Let’s take a look at this shelf. In both shots you see this speaker, a trophy, and a photo on top.

You’ll also notice a flashlight on the floor. In the confrontation scene, when the Burglar stumbles over the couch, he’s got a flashlight that he appears to drop, as he’s only holding a gun in the next shot.

Still don’t believe me? Well, the last piece of evidence, which I probably should have looked up first, is a credit on IMDb that lists Michael Papajohn as “The Burglar”. The same man who played The Carjacker, aka Dennis Carradine, in Spider-Man (2002) and Spider-Man 3 (2007).

So there you have it! Spider-Woman saved Uncle Ben! What a cool detail. It probably explains why Spider-Man hasn’t shown up in any of these SonyVerse movies! Because Uncle Ben is still alive. Is that enough evidence? Do you believe me? Vote in the weekly poll below, and let me know any other theories you’ve got in the comments. That’s it for now, Face Front True Believers, and I’ll see you in the Multiverse!

Do you believe that Spider-Woman saved Uncle Ben in Madame Web?

EDIT: Yeah, so... I'm dumb. Julia Carpenter is in the room. This proves everything. Including that I wasted a lot of time...