A Look Back at 2017! And What’s Coming in 2018!

Hey there True Believers, and welcome back to the Face Front Blog! We've been taking a break to overhaul some things, but now we're back! And to start things off, here's a brand new Face Front News Flash!

So the main takeaway from this is Sam Says Episode 2 hits January 1, 2018! I know you guys have been waiting, and it's finally here! Also, if you want some more info on the topics in the video, or you think you missed one of them, then use the sidebar on the right to navigate by month! Or if you're on mobile, then click a month below!








We've also got more coming out, starting out with our very own rendition of the Contest of Champions! More on that soon, and more blog posts, more video content, more giveaways, more Sam Says, more everything! So keep it on the Face Front Blog all through 2018, because I promise, True Believers, it's only just beginning!