Face Front San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Party!


Hey y'all! It's Falcon from the hit Face Front web show, Sam Says! As you can see in the video above, I wasn't lucky enough to get into San Diego Comic-Con... but a lot of people weren't, so I'm gonna make sure y'all don't miss a thing! Keep it here for all the latest Marvel news going on at SDCC 2018! Don't worry y'all, if we can't make it to Comic-Con, we'll bring Comic-Con to us!

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A brand new book notating the first 10 years of Marvel Studios! This looks like a fun read, unfortunately it's not coming out until next year! Well, maybe that's so it can include information from Avengers 4! Click Here for more information.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse had some new announcements, 3 in particular. They've confirmed Spider-Man Noir, Sp//dr (Remember her? Little girl, big robot?) and Spider-Ham. Voiced respectively by Nicholas Cage, Kimiko Glenn, and John Mulaney. Also this new image which may or may not be my new wallpaper! Also, Peter is 40 years old and has a bad back?!

Venom put out some new info also! One of the four "Lethal Protector" Symbiotes, Riot, has been confirmed as a villain! And Tom Hardy says he'd love to go toe to toe with Tom Holland, with hopes they'll cross paths somewhere down the line. I... don't have my fingers crossed, but anything is possible.


New story trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man PS4, as well as the premier of the Velocity Suit, the 3rd and final pre-order suit, and the debut of the Spider-Man themed PS4 Pro! I'm so excited for this! Honestly, it looks better and better each time. The Velocity suit is unique, it is an Insomniac original creation after all. And if you're looking to pre-order that PS4, well, Click Here.

New trailer from Marvel Battle Lines, the new mobile card game. Yet another mobile game, and a card game at that, but, it's always worth a look.

New trailer from the VR game on Oculus Rift, Marvel Powers United VR. It's actually around the corner! It looks so cool, I can't wait!

Marvel Future Fight has FINALLY put out an original soundtrack! Click Here for a link to the album on Spotify. I highly suggest The Arrival of X-Men and Luna Snow- Tonight.

Spider-Man will go down swinging against the Red Goblin in Spider-Man Unlimited! I do like this game, it's still hanging in there. Lesser games would have already pulled the plug, so I'm glad Spider-Man Unlimited still has a place. Oh, and make sure to use the code "REDGOBLIN" to play as the Red Goblin! He's super fun!


New trailer from season 2 of Iron Fist! Danny is dishing out some street justice after Daredevil made him promise to protect the city. I actually enjoyed season 1, it picked up in the second half, so let's hope this season can outdo it!

New clip for Marvel Rising, pitting Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl against Ghost Spider, aka Spider-Gwen! I'll post an article about this show/movie soon...

A sizzle reel for Cloak and Dagger's last episodes! The show, especially yesterday's episode, has been nothing short of fantastic, and they promised on Twitter that season 2 would be... Mayhem! I mean, an actual super villain for these two to fight isn't such a bad idea!

News from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Clark Gregg is returning, but they only mention that he's directing the first episode... I have no idea if Agent Coulson is coming back, he does have Captain Marvel to shoot, but it would seriously suck if he actually died... again. Also, Deke is back? Shouldn't he have, you know, faded from existence?

The X-Men show we never knew we wanted, The Gifted, is back for season 2! And Lorna's having a super baby! Usually mutant powers don't manifest until puberty, but I guess it's the grandchild of Magneto, so... Also the Inner Circle is in full force! And here's to hoping that the 'real' underground is Morlocks!


Spider-Geddon, or what looks to be Spider-Verse part 2, is launching in October! Also announced are two new comics, Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider (Great, because I was devastated when I heard they were canning Spider-Gwen's comic) and The Superior Octopus (Bleh! No thank you! Superior Spider-Man is a year of my life I do not want to relive!) For more information, Click Here.

Marvel Knights are coming back! With Daredevil, Black Panther, Punisher, and Karnak? What an interesting team... Click Here for more.

The Uncanny X-Men return to comics this November.


Marvel Legends graces us with another wave of Black Panther figures in December, including King T'Chaka, Black Panther (with a head that doesn't look like Drake), Ulysses Klaue, and Okoye (and after all the hard work I put into the BAF!) Click Here for more pics and info!

Marvel has announced the Masterworks collection, selling lifelike props from the MCU, including: Captain America's shield, Iron Man Mk I helmet, Baby Groot, the Eye of Agamotto, and T'Chaka's ring! Click Here to buy them now!

Into the Spider-Verse has new toys! Now, I know I clowned on the knee joints in an earlier post, but they've got a Scorpion (also confirming he's in the movie!) Sp//dr (with a Peni Parker!), Spider-Verse Mighty Mugs, and a Marvel Legends Miles and Gwen 2-Pack! Boom! I apologize, I was too harsh earlier...