Face Front Update

Hey there True Believers! Now I know what you’re all wondering: Why has the greatest Marvel blog on the internet been quiet these past few weeks? Well, there’s a good reason for that! Sort of… Let me explain.

So as you can probably imagine, while running Face Front is an honor beyond words, it doesn’t exactly pay the bills. So I got a new job, the downside is, it’s very demanding in terms of free time. I’ve also been playing Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4… but it’s mostly the job. Since it’s fairly new, I’ve still got to find that work-life balance, but I’m working on it!

So in the meantime, I just wanted to give you guys an update as to what’s coming soon on the Face Front Blog:

  • Spider-Man PS4 Pro Unboxing

  • Top 10 Moments from Iron Fist Season 2

  • Oscorp Conspiracy Part 4

  • Face Front Podcast Episode 9: Captain Marvel

  • Marvel Problems

I also wanted to mention some things I’m working on:

  • Sam Says Episode 3

  • Face Front Music Video

  • Marvel Corner (Working Title)

  • New YouTube Series

  • Exclusive Face Front User Benefit (Trust me, you’ll love this!)

  • Amazing Fantasy: A Face Front Fan Fiction

And don’t forget that there’s still plenty you can do on the blog! Check out our Videos section, read my review on the prequel book to the Spider-Man game, listen to the latest podcast episode, play Oscorp Conspiracy Part 3! There’s never a dull moment on the Face Front Blog! Either way, thank you all for being patient with me as I adjust to this new job, and I promise, more great Marvel content is coming! Face Front True Believers, I’ll see you in the Multiverse!

-Joshua Westbrook