Face Front 2023 Showcase

Face Front True Believers! Get ready for epic reveals, big announcements, and exciting updates! This is the show of the century! Join me as I showcase everything that's coming to Face Front this year!

You can watch the entire showcase above, or keep scrolling for a breakdown of all of the trailers, announcements, updates and more!

The End of the Marvel Universe

We begin at the end with a teaser trailer for the next Face Front Original The End of the Marvel Universe. This series of 4 videos will sum up the events of all of the Secret Wars Seasons and Prequel Comics, and reveal what happened to the Peter's world, the main Face Front Universe!

The End of the Marvel Universe has been scripted and is now moving into production. In other words, the end is coming soon!

Secret Wars: Dark Dimension

The next chapter in Secret Wars: Dark Dimension was announced. Chapter 7 will be titled Legend of the Ten Rings, and is coming soon.

Voting for Chapter 6: Ultimates, is still open. (Click Here to play!) It will end with a new feature called a Live Event. I will host an event where registered Face Front users can vote in real time, and determine the winner of that battle!

The Face Front Show

The Face Front Show is being retooled into a regular livestream. Now I will have more interaction with the audience than ever, as we go back to the roots of Face Front, and just talk Marvel. Episodes of the new Face Front Show will begin streaming soon!

Spider-Man: Web-Warriors

Ultimate Spider-Man swings into the first 2-part Web-Warriors! But first he'll have to deal with someone calling themself the "real" Ultimate Spider-Man!

As mentioned, this is a 2-parter, so it will encompass episodes 7 and 8 of Web-Warriors. Part 1, Episode 7, will be centered around the Animated version of Ultimate Spider-Man, while Part 2, Episode 8, will tell the story of a very scorned and vengeful comic version of Ultimate Spider-Man, donning the black suit!

The Web-Warriors episodes are set to release in April.

Face of the Fan

Face of the Fan is a revived marketing campaign from Spider-Man 3 that allows you, the fans, to show off your most valued Marvel possession. That aspect will continue (Click Here to see how you can participate) but I've added another layer onto Face of the Fan.

I will be filming a video series where a choose one of you and showcase what you can do. Whether it's a YouTube channel, art, fan fics, you name it. Whatever you do, I'm going to bring attention to it. You guys helped me build Face Front, and now it's time for me to return the favor!

The first few Face of the Fan featured fans have been chosen, and videos will release soon.

Loki: Realm of the Dishonored Dead

The first Avengers villain will finally meet his match. Loki: Real of the Dishonored Dead, is the the third of the four promised spinoffs from the Avengers: Infinity Showdown video.

Teased way back in the post credits scene of Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six, this new adventure will find Loki teaming with unlikely allies like Sylvie, and facing off against terrifying villains, such as the Goddess of Death herself, Hela.

Sylvie will be voiced by Allyson Phillips. Loki: Realm of the Dishonored Dead will release in Summer 2023.

Voice Talent

I took a moment in the Showcase to thank the various people behind the scenes that make Face Front what it is. Please, make sure to go follow them and send them some love and support!

Eileen Nestman: Voice of Ghost-Spider/Set and Prop Design - YouTube @EileenNestman

Allyson Phillips: Voice of Sylvie - Instagram @allycharms_art Website https://linktr.ee/allycharmsart

Sara Pezel: Voice of Black Cat - Twitter @sarapezel

Emily Tatsumi: Voice of Peni Parker - Instagram @emi_tsumi

Xavier Hernandez: Voice of Spider-Man 2099 - Instagram @shatter24wolf

And also a special thanks to:

Laura Henson: Voice of Em Jay

Ashley Cazier: Voice of Nico Minoru

My sister, Jaelen: Voice of Michelle Jones (MJ)

My mom: Voice of Dr. Ashley Kafka

Marvel Vs.

After a successful first episode with Spider-Man Vs. The Lizard, Marvel Vs. is coming back with new episodes! I have more planned out and expect them to come out regularly! Get ready to laugh!

Spider-Man: Return to the Spider-Verse

Spidey and Spider-Ham must team up against the vicious Kraven the Hunter! And maybe with a cameo or two?

Spider-Man: Return to the Spider-Verse Episode 10: It Can get Weirder, is in development and will hopefully release soon!


That's right! Face Front has Merch now! You can be an early adopter and get your hands on some right now! Otherwise, more information will be coming very soon. I can't believe it! MERCH!!!

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Rise of the X-Men

The X-Men rise this fall.

That's all for now True Believers! Thank you for checking out the Face Front 2023 Showcase! I look forward to all of these projects this year! Just keep watching, reading, participating, everything you've been doing. Together, we can grow Face Front to heights I never even dreamed of! Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!