Inhumans: The Royal Family

I'm so ready for this show! In this short trailer, we meet our favorite Inhumans and learn their roles in Attilan as the guardian (Gorgan), the visionary (Karnak), the assassin (Auran), the operative (Triton), the princess (Crystal), the queen (Medusa), the king (Black Bolt), and the revolutionary (Maximus). I am, however, just a tad disappointed, that Maximus wasn't listed as 'The Mad', missed opportunity if you ask me. We get more of the the Royal Family in action, showing off  Medusa's awesome hair and Crystal using her powers! Short, sweet, probably just here to let us know tickets are on sale for the IMAX screening on September 1. I can't wait! What do you guys think about the Inhumans so far? I've seen a lot of negativity, but the more Marvel releases, it seems like people are coming on board.