Marvel’s Spider-Man is Almost Here!

The new show is nearly here! On the 19th, we can prepare to be amazed once more by everyone's favorite Wall Crawler, Spider-Man! I will be doing a podcast for members and giving away some cool prizes, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, we've got 3, count 'em, 3 new featurettes, and an interview on I'll link.

First up we've got Patton Oswald going over what it's like for him to voice Uncle Ben. I thought this was strange casting at first, but now that I can see it, it kind of fits. I don't think we heard Uncle Ben at all during Ultimate, so I'm sure I'll really appreciate these flashback scenes. Again, though, perfect time for Uncle Ben would have been in those origin shorts, but hey, I'm not judging.

This one goes over the cast of the show, and I like that they're widening Peter's friend pool to include all of the would-be Spiders (although we glimpse Miles in costume here! Yay!) I don't know if he and Gwen are going to have a relationship, but the interview says they're focusing less on romance and more on friendship, so I guess it'll take some time if they do go that route. I really want to see Mary Jane though! Where is she! The main takeaway from this, however, is that Josh freaking Keaton is back! And playing Norman Osborn (no doubt using his evil CEO voice from Spider-Man: Edge of Time)! It must be weird for him, being in a Spider-Man show again and not being Spider-Man, but I'm sure he'll be fine. Also, that looked like Tony Stark talking to Max Modell (thinking emoji). And did I already mention Miles in costume? Yay!

I don't think Joe Quesada's said Peter Parker more in his life. This video is basically saying "Hey, did you not like Ultimate Spider-Man because there was no Peter Parker narrative? Well here, now shut up." I like that we're gonna focus back up on Peter, it's refreshing and honestly, just what everyone has been wanting since Spectacular kicked it.

Lastly, there's this interview:

It offers up a lot of good info, but I think the key point to pull from here is the bit about story arcs, and how they're going to set up things to pay off later down the line. That's something we've been missing for the past five years in Ultimate. Story arcs were usually the first and last two episodes of the season, the Spider-Verse events aside, and it really made it so that the gravity of the consequences in each episode lost their weight by the end. So hearing that we're going to be getting arcs, you know, like in an actual comic book, makes me pretty happy.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for this show? Let me know in the comments! And make sure to tune in Saturday, August 19th (7:00-8:00 AM EDT), on Disney XD.