Marvel Legends Retro Card Spider-Man Wave Showcase

I got a full wave of new retro carded Spider-Man figures from Hasbro Pulse! Below you'll find a video showcasing all of them with some pretty sweet intros, and a closer look at the pictures I took of each along with a short review.

Last Stand Spider-Man

The Last Stand Spider-Man figure is the one that comes with the least accessories, but I feel like he doesn't need many. In his debut appearance, he was backed against Aunt May's grave, surrounded by armored enforcers, and threw down with nothing but the hands. Fists and open hands are perfect for this version of Spider-Man.

The jacket does limit articulation, he can't really bend or twist in his torso area. So you'll have a hard time getting those real Spidey poses out of him, but he's an old man I guess, so maybe he doesn't need to move as much. Other than that, the figure looks great and I'm glad to have him in the collection. His unique look makes him stand (get it?) out on a shelf full of other Spider-People!

Jack O'Lantern

I have two other Jack O'Lanterns, a ToyBiz one and the early Hasbro one. I have to say, this guy is the best. Opposite Last Stand Spider-Man, he came with the most accessories. His hover disk is so versatile. You can plug the little dreidel piece in at the bottom and it'll make him look like he's leaning. Or you can remove it and it'll keep the disk flat. You can also plug in a glider stand if you have a spare one from the likes of the No Way Home Green Goblin or Hawkeye Skycycle.

He's got little (definitely not pumpkin) bombs on his waist, one of which is removable and fits nicely into his hand. I also like that it clips onto the belt securely so it doesn't constantly fall off. The pumpkin head and scale armor are some very well-done deco. I think he might just be a little too broad, but that's a nitpick. This is undoubtedly the best Jack O'Lantern figure ever made.

Scarlet Spider

Now my main concern going in with this figures was Ben's hoodie. It's a separate piece, and I felt initially that it would limit articulation like Last Stand Spider-Man's jacket. Previous Scarlet Spider figures had the hoodie sculpted on a with an ab crunch segmenting it. So this definitely looks better aesthetically.

And, I'm pleased to announce that Ben can still strike as many poses as your heart desires. The major factor in this is that he's built on the Renew Your Vows Spider-Man buck, so he's got that waist bend that lets him get into any Spidey pose he needs to. And I'm also pleased to announce that he's got a full set of hands, fists, wall-crawlers and Thwip hands! Unfortunately, it's a crapshoot lately on whether or not Hasbro will equip a full set of Spider-Man hands, so I'm glad they decided to do so for what is probably going to be become the quintessential Ben Reilly figure.

Hallow's Eve

Of course Ben is going to need his partner in crime! Even though this version of Janine Godbe pairs better with the previously released Chasm figure! She looks great, honestly, right off the page. She's one of those characters that has such a unique design that even those who may not know much about her (she's a relatively new character) may want to pick her up!

She's got some pretty vibrant colors and two of her power-granting Halloween masks with her. She's popped up in quite a few issues of Amazing Spider-Man and even had her own book for a bit, so she's definitely making her mark in the Marvel Universe. It's kind of cool they've already got a figure for her!


This morally bankrupt version of Peter Parker is pretty great in figure form. The most unique accessory he's got is his finger guns that actually allow you to slot in a gunshot effect. It doesn't exactly go straight (maybe I put it in wrong?) but it's still cool nonetheless. He doesn't have open hands, but he's got Thwips and fists, so that's fine. Articulation is great, he's got some sculpted pouches, and the deco is on point. He's not the most recognizable version of Spider-Man, but if you know his story he's a pretty cool figure to have.


Lastly is Tombstone. And he is 100 times better than the Vulture wave attempt from 2017. (Seen taking on Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Return to the Spider-Verse Episode 9: Leap of Faith!) He's TALL! Not too much, but as much as Tombstone realistically should be. He's got an alternate set of hands and an extra head (the first one had neither). And on top of all that, he's got a crowbar!

The other major difference is that this one's in a suit. Now yes, this did hamper him articulation-wise, but Tombstone is at his best when he's standing tall like a stone slab (get it?). Now I'm not sure why they went with a whole neck piece instead of just an interchangeable head, but it didn't cause any problems so I'm not complaining. All in all, this is definitely a superior version of Lonnie Lincoln!

And there you have it! Six brand new retro-carded Spider-Man figures! I love all of these guys, and definitely want to use them in some future videos! If you have a chance to get your hands on these figs, I highly reccomend them. I hope I've helped inform your decision if you were on the fence. As mentioned, I got mine from Hasbro Pulse. They're the most reliable when it comes to Legends, so always preorder from there! Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!