Spider-Man: Web-Warriors Episode 10: The Superior Spider-Man

The last Web-Warriors candidate is one that calls himself the Superior Spider-Man. But he has a sinister secret, that threatens the every last hero in the Spider-Verse.

Well True Believers, that was it! The finale to Spider-Man: Web-Warriors! A journey that was born from you guys wanting to see adventures with more heroes from across the Spider-Verse. That's right, Web-Warriors was only a thing because of the fans. And I am grateful, because I've honestly had a lot of fun making these videos.

Now, it's no secret that I can't stand the Superior Spider-Man. Like, at all. Doc Ock traipsing around in and committing unspeakable acts in Spider-Man's body was enough to make me almost stop reading comics! (It's true!) But I know that there are a ton of Superior fans out there, and no shortage of them frequent my channel. So I made sure to do the character justice in my video, and I hope you all saw it that way.


Thank you, as always, to Eileen Nestman for providing her endless talent to Gwen Stacy's voice, our one and only Ghost-Spider! Make sure to throw her a sub on her YouTube channel!

Also, that epic version of Gwen's Across the Spider-Verse theme you heard when she shows up is the doing of YouTuber Krutikov Music! Spot him a sub too on YouTube.

Now then, I shoved a whole bunch of Easter Eggs in here, as usual, so let's get into it, shall we?

Easter Eggs

Life Story

The story of this episode revolves around Octavius trying to transfer bodies from Peter to Miles. This was inspired by the final issue of Spider-Man: Life Story by Chip Zdarsky. In this issue, Otto put himself in cryogenic stasis and took over Miles' body, attempting to fool an older Peter Parker. But a few things here and there gave Otto up and Peter was able to save Miles.

Avengers Academy

Years ago, there was a mobile game called Avengers Academy. It was a fun little game where you unlocked heroes and villains from all over the Marvel Universe and set them to tasks for certain amounts of time (Captain America did the Charleston for 8 hours. 8. Hours.) One of the villains they eventually added was Doc Ock himself, who did have a Superior Spider-Man alternate costume. This is the version of Doc Ock I patterned my voice for Superior Spider-Man after, and I even borrowed my favorite line of his from the game: "Don't speak. You're embarrassing yourself." Listen to it below!

Battle on Avengers Tower

Superior Spider-Man's recount of how he took Peter Parker's body is basically shot for shot from Amazing Spider-Man #700 (a comic I swore back in 2012 I'd never read again... oh, the things I do for my fans!) Peter teamed up with Scorpion and Hydro-Man to battle Octavius in Avengers Tower and get his body back. It ended with them falling, Peter's repurposed Octobot failing, and Doc Ock emerging victorious, as the Superior Spider-Man. Some pictures, you'll notice are nearly exact recreations of comic panels.

Improving Peter's Life

Superior Spider-Man mentions making improvements to Peter's life, which was technically true. He went back to school and got Peter's PhD. He also started Parker Industries, a company Peter took over when he got his body back. Unfortunately, Peter's PhD got revoked when it was discovered that he 'plagiarized' the work of Otto Octavius and Parker Industries basically imploded. Because what does a nerdy kid from Queens know about running a company! So, yeah, none of that lasted too long, good old Parker Luck.

Doc Ock-isms

Doc had a colorful and very super villain-y vocabulary that he couldn't help but carry over into his career as Superior Spider-Man. That includes saying things such as "Victory is mine!" and calling people "Dolt!" One line I also took word for word is "I've studied him for years. I know everything there is to know about Spider-Man." You know what they say, you can take the tentacles off of the Doc, but... yada, yada, yada.

Be The Superior Spider-Man!

Are you a fan of Superior Spider-Man? I have... no idea why... but since you are, you may as well let everyone know it! I've got some superior new merch just for you in the merch shop! A new T-Shirt, a mug, and a poster, all showcasing the Superior Spider-Man, and the villain he once was! Go Thwip your merch now, and remember, that automatically enters you for a chance to with Marvel Legends Spider-Man Now Way 3-Pack!

So there you have it. That's it for Web-Warriors! Or... is it? People always ask in my comments if Ultimate Spider-Man's coming back, will we see the 90's Spider-Man again, will Kaine ever return? And I always reply the same way: You haven't seen the last of the Web-Warriors! I mean... you saw the end of this episode right? With Superior Spider-Man... and the computer... and the "Intriguing" line, while playing the Sinister Six theme from the Spider-Man game, after telling Miles he didn't know how to properly convince people to join a cause? I think I hammered it home pretty hard. Just saying.

But for now, that's all! So go back and enjoy all 10 episodes of Spider-Hero action, and look forward to more from Face Front in the Spider-Verse, and the Marvel Universe at large! Thank you all for coming along on this Web-Warriors journey with me. Again, without my fans, this series wouldn't even exist. So thank you. Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!