Secret Wars Season 6

Taking a Stand

As an African American man myself, the tragic events that led to the death of George Floyd have affected me in a personal manner that I’m sure many others can relate to. It’s not easy being black in this world, but I have to say, in 2018, when Black Panther came out, I saw something amazing.

A black-led superhero movie that quickly became the highest grossing superhero film at the time. That was a time where being black and being a Marvel fan went hand in hand. That being said, I’ve retooled Season 6 of Secret Wars to focus on Black Panther, and remind us of a time where people of all races united to celebrate this cinematic and cultural phenomenon.

And to show my support to all people of color, for every Agent, S.H.I.E.L.D. or HYDRA, that participates in Season 6 of Secret Wars, I will donate $1 to the NAACP. Black lives do matter, and now is our chance to prove it! Wakanda Forever!


Allies for Season 6 are as follows. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents will have the support of the Vibranium powered hero, King of Wakanda, the Black Panther! Agents of HYDRA can count on the support of the villainous usurper Killmonger!

Adjusted Dates

Please note that due to the retooling of Season 6, the dates have been adjusted. This Season will end on June 30, but begins June 10! So this Season of Secret Wars is only 20 days! Plan accordingly!

Have Fun!

The world is hurting, but we can still have some fun True Believers! So long as we act like the heroes I know you are, and keep the real world issues in our hearts and minds. So Face Front, and I’ll see you in the Secret Wars!

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