They’re Back. And So Am I.

Face Front has been inactive for a while. The Fantastic Four have been gone for longer. Today, we're both back.

So if we reach back in time to my previous article (The Fate of the Fantastic 4), we'll see that Marvel's been pretending for a long time that the Fantastic 4 don't exist. Well, maybe it's the Marvel/Fox deal, maybe it's Marvel's biggest and latest relaunch this summer, but whatever the reason, I can honestly say, in my best T'Challa voice: I don't care.

The First Family of Marvel is back! Written by Slott... (more on him later in a later post). But hey! Art by Pichelli! Her work with Bendis (RIP. Not him, his Marvel career) on Miles is nothing short of ultimate! Honestly, it's good to see the 4 back where they belong. Reed, Johnny, Ben, and Sue clobber and flame on once again! Now, hopefully, we might start to see them in the likes of Future Fight and Contest of Champions. They could show up in an episode or two of Avengers Assemble! Or, and here's the big one, they could end up in the MCU!

Only time will tell, it's very early and they just announced this, but I'm excited. I haven't been buying as many comics as I want lately, but I will definitely be buying this title! At least to stop it from getting cancelled again if anything! Anyway, enough from me. Check out this interview between good 'ol Agent M and C.B. Ceulski for more details!