Infinity War Super Bowl Spot!

First, this:

And now bullet points! Don't act like you don't know me by now!

  • Well, Peter is clearly comfortable with Dr. Strange knowing his identity.

  • I wish Wanda would stop messing with the dang Mind Stone.

  • Guardians are rolling like straight up G's.

  • "It's all been leading to this." A little on the nose there, Tony, but that's fine.

  • Pretty confined space for Rocket, Groot, and Thor! And is Groot on a cellphone? Or is that his video game from the end of Vol. 2?

  • Dang Loki...

  • Peter's going to space!?! And he's in the Homecoming suit, not the Iron Spider, look closely!

  • Cap and Widow are ready for battle, but maybe not Vision... Look, he's holding his side! I guess he got hurt.

  • Yes Thor, we've been ready since 2008. Again, on the nose, but that's fine.

  • Well, it's not red, white and blue... or even a circle... but Cap's new shield is at least still made of Vibranium, so... yay! Good to know they got that man a shield.

  • A little Superior Iron Man tech in there...

  • Teen Groot ready to fight!

  • Oh, good to see Nebula... And still not Hawkeye...

  • Outrider Invasion!

  • Black Widow hitching a ride with Okoye and some other Wakandans, no big.

  • Heeeeeere's Bucky!

  • Science/Magic combo attack!

  • And the money shot again!

And for that last shot of Thanos, well, I'll just leave this here...