One More Month to Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4

One month to go until we all can finally get our hands on the Spider-Man game to end all Spider-Man games! I've been playing around drawing things for my blog, and I drew up this white spider emblem from the game. Not 100% accurate, and clearly I'm not an artist, but plenty of you are. So, I'm gonna do quick contest!

Head to the Face Front Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment (on the thread with the picture above) with your best drawing (digital or hand drawn) of the white spider! A random user will be chosen on both platforms for a cool little prize!

I've been waiting on this game for 2 years! We all have! It's actually a little hard to believe that it's just within our grasp. I'm a little disappointed I failed you guys with the Spyder-Man Ultimatum, but there's still a ton of merchandise out there if you didn't get the Collector's Edition, including the prequel book, a fig pin, Funko Pops, Marvel Legends, the art book that comes in the dang Collector's Edition, a Gamestop collector's box, and, you know, the Spider-Man themed PS4 Pro! So, yeah, I think we're good!

What are you most excited about for Marvel's Spider-Man PS4? Comment down below, and remember to leave a comment on Facebook or Twitter with your white spider drawing to enter the contest!