Spider-Man Day 2020

Welcome, True Believers, to what August 1st has come to be known as since 1962: Spider-Man Day! Yes, it's time to celebrate my favorite hero, the 'ol Wall Crawler himself, Spider-Man!

To do so, I've prepared a myriad of content just for you! So let's dive right in!

First up is a new Motion Comic for Season 8 of Secret Wars! That's right, Secret Wars is on Season 8! So go on and play, this time we've got Miles Morales helping Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., and Venom on the side of Red Skull and HYDRA!

The motion comic below will lay the groundwork, then CLICK HERE to join in on the Secret Wars!

Next in line, I've got a playthrough of a gone, but not forgotten, Spider-Man game of yesteryear: Spider-Man Unlimited! What?! It must be old footage! Witchcraft, dark magics! By what sorcery am I able to play a game that was canceled over two years ago?

Quite simple: I'm an app hoarder and I never deleted it! Luckily for me, the game still lets you go in and play! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this Spider-Man Unlimited gameplay in 2020!

Staying on games, I figured since I promised gameplay waaaay back in my Spider-Man PS4 Unboxing video, yet the only thing I've delivered is a couple of photo volumes, just for Spider-Man Day, I've recorded my favorite level in the game!

I guess I like it because it's got a little of everything: Action, stealth, platforming, QTE's! All that jazz. Also, I don't know how you n00bs play Marvel's Spider-Man, but have a seat and observe a master at work. This is some high-level gameplay, okay! Put some respect on my name!

And now, here it is True Believers, what you've been waiting for! Since October 31, 2019, we've known that Spider-Man is missing. Where did he go? Where has he been all this time?

All of those questions and more will be answered in the next Face Front Original, Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six! In honor of Spider-Man Day, I've prepared your first look at the new original.

True Believers, I give you the official trailer for Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six!

AND REMEMBER! If you want your name in the credits for this video, share your Spidey sightings on social media with the #WheresSpiderMan! Together, we can find him! And make sure you're keeping up with the latest news on Spider-Man's whereabouts at FaceFrontBlog.com/WheresSpiderMan!

But that’s not all! As of right now, Oscorp Conspiracy: Back to Formula Quest 2: Target Acquired, is available to play! Oscorp is targeting people now! Norman Osborn has to be stopped, but only you can figure out who's who on this list! CLICK HERE to enter the Oscorp Conspiracy! (You must complete Quest 1: Word Search for Answers, in order to get the Encryption Key to access Quest 2).

I also did another edition of Face Front's coveted Cover Story, based on Alex Ross's Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #16 art. The art is below, to read the full Cover Story, CLICK HERE.

If you're looking for even more Spider-Man goodness on the blog, don't be afraid to check out these Spidey-centric splendors!

I hope you enjoyed Face Front's big Spider-Man Day celebration! Let me know what you think! Leave a comment below, or @ me on social media! Let's celebrate Spider-Man Day together! It's more fun when all the fans are in one place!

That's it for now! Face Front True Believers, Happy Spider-Man Day, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!