The ONLY Way to Bring the Fantastic 4 into the MCU

Alright, we’ve all heard the news. In an unprecedented move that shall be known simply as “The Acquisition”, Disney has purchased Fox! There’s a lot to go along with that, but this is a Marvel Blog, and we’re going to talk about what that means for Marvel: X-Men and Fantastic 4 coming back to the MCU!

So a lot of people are worried about Deadpool being rated R and no more Logan-like movies, but that’s utterly ridiculous, Disney’s not gonna mess with something that works. Deadpool’s his own thing, they’ll keep it that way, he doesn’t have a lot to do with the rest of the Marvel Universe anyhow (unless he’s killing them, that is). Also, people are acting like Wolverine simply cannot be done PG-13 when it worked that way for 17 years. Logan was a good movie, and we’ll always have it, but would you rather ten more Logan movies, or Hulk vs. Wolverine? If your answer wasn’t Hulk vs. Wolverine, then… dang I don’t know what to tell you, you must not be a fan of awesomeness. Point is, if we get a PG-13 Wolverine, but the tradeoff is Cyclops and Rogue and the rest done right for a change, then I’m all in. But personally, the X-Men is an afterthought for me, because I’m focused on the guys that have the potential to change the MCU forever: The Fantastic 4.

A while ago I asked if you guys wanted to hear my pitch for an MCU Fantastic 4 movie, and assumed the answer would be no. Now, I’m giving you no choice! Yay! So, here it is, pass this on to Feige people, because if you’re going to bring the Fantastic 4 into the MCU, this is the only, I repeat, the ONLY way to do it!



 Marvel’s Fantastic 4: Journey Home

In 2007, a group of scientists, known to the world as the “Fantastic 4” due to their breakthrough discoveries in space science, took a test shuttle into space. The crew of Fantastic 4 included Reed Richards, middle-aged genius and leader of the expedition, Sue Storm and her brother Johnny, the numbers girl and the engineer, Ben Grim, the pilot, and their A.I, H.E.R.B.I.E. The course was set, the mission was to take no longer than a month, but something went wrong. The ship had been sabotaged, and the last thing the four see is a prerecorded message from a disfigured man, shrouded in shadow, blaming Reed for his misfortune. He claims that their demise is penance for Reed’s sins, and the Fantastic 4 are swallowed into a cosmic storm.

13 or so years later, the ship emerges, but no time has passed for the four, and before they can come to, their ship is abducted. Reed awakens in a stasis tube, and smashes his way out only to find that he’s stretchy! He sees Johnny suffering on fire in another tube, and frees him, but the fire does not burn him! They notice an empty tube, and another tube full of rocks, but cannot find Sue or Ben. Suddenly, the rocks speak, and have eyes! He calls to Reed, and they free Ben, horrified by what he has become. The empty tube also speaks, with Susan’s voice, but nothing is there. They open it up to find she is invisible! They’re in a strange lab, with technology that is clearly alien. Disrobed and in undergarments, they grab blue colored jumpsuits to cover themselves, which are branded with an alien symbol that Johnny comments “Looks like a 4 to me”. With that, they begin to explore their new environment.

“The subjects have escaped!” The four find themselves face to face with… a Skrull! They discover what they can do as they battle their way to the hangar, where H.E.R.B.I.E. gives them the 411 and informs them of all the components they’ll need to repair the ship and begin their journey home through a black hole that’s closing soon! As the Fantastic 4 sneak about the city-sized Skrull Mothership in search of the pieces to repair their ship, the Skrulls use the information they gathered studying the four to combine into one big, large Super Skrull. His first field test: Destroy the escaped prisoners.

The Fantastic 4 gather all but one of the components, and have a short window before the black hole leading to Earth closes. They make it to the last component to find it being guarded by Commander K’lrt, the Super Skrull. After an epic battle, the four prevail, and make it back just in time to repair their ship and get through the black hole! They make it back to Earth, where the world celebrates the triumphant return of the long lost Fantastic 4!

News of the four’s return spreads, to the crater in Eastern Europe that was Sokovia, where a new land has been built upon its ashes: Welcome to Latveria. Their Prime Minister, the same disfigured man from before, watches the screen, hidden in shadow, seething at the smiles upon the faces of his enemies. He abhors that he miscalculated, and swears that he shall not make the same mistake twice. The man swears, that Victor von Doom shall have his revenge. He is summoned by a servant to finalize the paperwork cementing Latveria as a new country. Before exiting the room, covers his face with a metal mask, and pulls the hood of his royal garb over his head.

Post credits: The black hole the Fantastic 4 used to return to Earth re-opens, and enter- The Silver Surfer!

“I have found a new world.” He says. On the other end of the black hole, the Skrull Mothership is destroyed, and the shadow of Galactus looms above.


Epic, right! So it may not be the only way to bring the Fantastic 4 to the MCU, but I think it’s pretty darn good! Either way, I’m sure you all have opinions. So let’s hear them! How can we get the four back in the fold? Or the X-Men for that matter! Comment below, and I’ll see you in the Multiverse true believers!