Welcome to Marvel City

Hasbro, eat your heart out! Welcome to the future! Welcome, to Marvel City! I had time, I was bored, so why not?

Looks like All-New, All-Different Spider-Man has a bird's eye of the entire scene below!

A city of heroes...

Bound by honor...

To protect it at all costs!

Captain America, Sentinel of Liberty and the First Avenger, never relents in the fight against the forces of HYDRA!

Black Bolt has something to say, and when he talks, people listen!

Wasp patrols the skies, while Thor summons strength from Odin in Asgard above! And Star-Lord's always ready for action! But where'd his tunes go?

Of course, no one stands a chance when Iron Man and War Machine team up to take down the bad guys!

Lifelong friends Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel are two women you DO NOT want to mess with! Unless you want a venom blast and a cosmic punch to the face! And is that Vision phasing through the ground behind them?

Speaking of Venom, what rock did this Sinister Symbiote crawl from under?

Falcon soars high, but a particularly sneaky Black Cat gets away with some pilfered goods! Oh Felicia, will you ever learn?

By the Ruby Rings of the Crimson Bands of the Hoary Hosts... Whatever! Doctor Strange is here to make with the hocus pocus!

Black Widow gives Hawkeye a lift on her sweet ride, they always worked better as a team! Let's just hope that Ms. Marvel can stop fangirling long enough to Embiggen!

'Ol J. Jonah Jameson isn't too happy with all these superheroes tearing things up outside of Bugle offices! It doesn't help that Giant-Man is mocking him either...

There are tales... legends of a Spirit of Vengeance... The Ghost Rider, making the best of a deal with the devil!

What did Deadpool get himself into this time? Maybe a certain Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Mad Titan wasn't too fond of Lady Death's fascination with this clown...

Looks like the newest Spider-Man on the block, Miles Morales, snagged a classic Spidey baddy, the Shocker! Great job Miles!

Meanwhile, the Immortal Iron Fist has engaged the terrible Taskmaster in combat! Don't use your best moves Danny, you know he can copy them!

Storm and Silk watch over the city, a valiant long-time member of the X-Men, and a Spider trying to find her place in the world after 10 years away...

Bravery is not measured in size, and Rocket and Baby Groot prove that throwing down with one of the biggest Marvel villains out there, the Rhino!

But there are always bigger Marvel villains, lurking in the distance...

But here to protect his city is none other than Daredevil! Keeping a watchful... ear, from above! And Spider-Gwen aka Ghost Spider doesn't look stressed, she's listening to the latest hit from her band the Mary Janes! Wait... there's Star-Lord's tunes! Dang it Gwen!

But down below, titans clash, as Hulk pins down one of his worst foes, the Abomination!

This Marvel power couple knows no bounds, Cyclops and Phoenix are always here to save the day, and mutant-kind!

And bow down (wait, they don't do that there...) for the King of Wakanda, Black Panther! With Okoye by his side, nothing's getting past him! Wakanda forever!

So there you have it. Heroes...

That swore to fight.

To stand for justice.

To Assemble. In our darkest hours.

And to let us know, that they will always be here.