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Van Dyne's Outfitters

I've got that hot, sexy new look you've been craving! Check it out! -Janet Van Dyne

10 Credits - Standard S.H.I.E.L.D. Uniform (No Effect)

A basic, standard-issue S.H.I.E.L.D. Uniform worn by all new recruits. FYI, not a turn on for me. I don't do basic.

50 Credits -Leather Jacket (+1 AC)

An epic piece of outer wear that'll make you stand out in a crowd! I custom tailor, so let me know what color you want!

75 Credits - Daisy's Bracers (+1 to Strength checks)

Agent Johnson was walking around with clunky metal bricks on her hands, so I made them sexy! It inspired me to make more bracers to sell! But just for fashion, not for controlling crazy earthquake powers.

75 Credits - Wakandan "Sneak"ers (+1 to Athletics checks)

You know the sneakers the Wakandan track team wore in the Olympics last year? Well, since they kicked everyone's butts, I designed mine to be like those, but better! Odd though, from what I hear Wakanda is an underserved third world nation. Where'd they get kicks like that?

75 Credits - Ruby Quartz Sunglasses (+1 to Investigation checks)

I heard about that poor kid you guys saved with the laser eyes. I don't know if it might have helped him, but I designed some shades made of Ruby Quartz that definitely improve your focus. Everything is tinted red though...

350 Credits - S.T.R.I.K.E. Tactical Gear (+3 AC)

Not as flashy as I'd like, but then again, this is more for combat than style, so I'll allow it. That means I will not spray paint crossbones on it, Rumlow.

10,000 - Cloak of Levitation

I have absolutely no idea where this red cloak came from, but it can fly! And I think it has a mind of its own... whatever it is, I LOVE it! So it's gonna cost you if you want it.


I do ink! But just Zodiac symbols, 'cause they're easy. Let me know, I'll hook you up! -Janet Van Dyne

150 Credits - Leo Tattoo (2D8+7 Magic Damage)

Leos are natural leaders and care about everyone. I feel like I can trust you if you've got this tat. (The spirit of a majestic lion pounces forward and attacks a single target in range).

150 Credits - Sagittarius Tattoo (2D8+11 Skill Damage)

If you're rocking a Sagittarius, that tells me you're a strong, independent individual. Much respect! (The spirit of an archer appears and takes aim, attacking opponents up to 30 ft away).


Experimental Government Gadgets. Experimental being the operative word here... maybe sign the waiver first... -Agent Westbrook

100 Credits - Thwip Blaster (Stuns opponents for 1 turn. 10 shots)

Thwip your enemies with the sticky white stuff that shoots out of the- WAIT! That came out wrong! Shut up Acacia! That is not what she said!

15 Credits - Web Fluid (x1 shot for Thwip Blaster)

Try making this stuff on your own. Go ahead. I dare you. Yeah, that's what I thought, run me that cash son!

200 Credits - Repulsor Blaster (3D8+3 Tech damage)

We did not steal Stark tech, shut up! This baby is nuclear powered! Um... yeah, maybe be careful with that...

600 Credits - Cosmic Gauntlet (6D6+6 Cosmic Damage, must roll percentile die after each use)

You'll win fights in a snap with this baby! It's a glove packed with cosmic energy! Stop it Acacia! Did you not hear me say cosmic energy!?!? This isn't a toy!

10,000 Credits - Extremis

Shh! Not so loud! Look, I only stashed one vial of Extremis! Fury has no idea so keep it down! And yeah, it's not cheap. What's it do? Well how should I know!?


Drone warfare is the future! Wait, why is it looking at me like that... Ahhh! Get it away! Get it away! - Agent Westbrook

150 Credits - Seeker Drone (2D8+6)

This bad boy will seek out the weakest enemy in range (lowest HP) and destroy them with extreme prejudice! (2x damage against opponents in the yellow/red) Unless you tell it to attack someone else, that is.

150 Credits - Incendiary Drone (4D8 Chem Damage)

This guy has a nasty napalm concoction that'll light the joint up! Literally!

House of Harkness

Name's Agatha Harkness dear, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s "Supernatural Consultant". I've been here all along! -Agatha Harkness

15 Credits - Witches Brew (Restores 1D8+2 HP)

A special concoction of mine! Keeps you feeling lively and ready to fight after taking a nasty hit. Hm? Oh no dear, I'm not an actual witch, it's just a fun name.

30 Credits - Holy Water (1D6 Magic damage and stuns Cosmic class characters for 1 turn)

I hear we're dealing with ghosts now? How exciting. I mean, terrifying. Take some Holy Water! It'll stop them in their tracks!

150 Credits - Sparky's Soul (1D8) *SOLD OUT!*

Some poor dog (that I definitely did not kill) lost his soul! Maybe he can be a good boy in the afterlife!

10,000 Credits - Staff of One

When blood is shed, let the Staff of One emerge! This is nifty and quite powerful little relic, but the spell I had to cast to break the blood magic was very difficult and dangerous, so this one isn't cheap!

The Darkhold

Careful when using the book of the damned. It takes a toll on its reader. -Agatha Harkness

150 Credits - Darkhold Spell of Pestilence (4D6+4 Chem Damage)

Your enemy (within range) will be deathly sick for a little bit (1 turn), and if they're not strong enough (fail a constitution saving throw) it could kill them instantly (minion only). Isn't that terrifyingly exciting!

150 Credits - Darkhold Spell of Malice (2D6+3 Magic Damage)

This will plant some nasty thoughts in someone's mind. It'll make 'em want to attack the nearest person to them, even if it's a friend! (Enemy takes initial damage and will be forced on next turn to attack another enemy. Bosses can fight the effect by succeeding a Wisdom saving throw.)

Mac's Garage

You want fast? I got fast. -Agent Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie

9,500 Credits - 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 (6 Turbo Dice)

This baby pulls 662 horsepower, with a 5.2 supercharged engine, wrapped in a sleek race red body. Souped her up myself. Definitely worth adding to your collection.

5,500 Credits - 1969 Dodge Charger (4 Turbo Dice)

V8 engine, 4-speed transmission, 425 horsepower, man, this is a classic. I'll only let it go to someone that's gonna treat her with respect.


I got all kinds of mods and spare parts. Take a look. -Agent Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie

750 Credits - Supercharger (adds 2 Turbo Dice)

Don't try to attach this thing unless you know what you're doin'. I don't charge fellow agents labor, so you ain't gotta worry about all that.

90 Credits - Muffler (adds 1 Turbo Dice)

Hill loves to complain about noise. Loves it. Woman gets off on it. So, best keep things quiet. I'll install this muffler for you, no problem.

100 Credits - Rear Spoiler (adds 1 Turbo Dice)

This'll greatly improve your aerodynamics. Which goes double for our cars. You know, since they can fly.